Thursday, June 30, 2011

What about free sheet music?

It is always very nice to get things for free, especially if it is good things. Many players of various instruments are searching for free music notes for their instruments.

Actually there a lot of free notes for various instruments on the Internet but you shouldn't find contemporary pop and rock songs by modern artist there for free because this music is copyright protected.

The most obvious search terms can be found if you use the Google keyword research tool. This tool will tell you the most popular searches around a keyword you type. What use do you have of knowing the most popular search terms?

The reason is that website owners also look for these search terms as the want as many visitors as possible. They will try to include these search terms in their pages to be found in the search results on Google.

A popular search term is of course "free sheet music". If you are looking for piano scores you can write "free piano sheet music". If you are looking for a special format to download you will find for example PDF sheets, JPG, Gif and also Scorch which is a format created by Sibelius. Sibelius Scorch is a free web browser plug-in that lets you play, transpose, change instruments, save and print Sibelius scores on the Internet.

These formats can be included in you searches and google will come up with different results depending on what words you have included and the word order. If you include "easy", "learn to play" or "how to play" you will also include instructional sites that often have sheet music for beginners for free.

You will have to use patience when you search for free music because many sites will not offer many scores for free or nothing at all or they require you to start an account or require other things like a subscription to a newsletter in order for you to have access to their music. With patience you will find quality sites and soon you will have a library of bookmarked sites as a service for you as a musician!

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